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This is why you NEED social media ads....

Contrary to popular belief, advertising on social media is the most effective form of advertising for the LEAST amount of adspend. Here is how they stack up compared to other forms of advertising.

Case Study #1
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This client tried running Facebook ads himself with marginal success. We were able to generate $16,182 in seven weeks for an adspend of $3,101. That is an average  ROI of 4.21 (or in other words, 421.79% of the amount spent was earned back).

Case Study #2

Client was selling a $279 product. Before we stepped in, they were able to sell a each product for about $60 of adspend which meant that for each product sold, they would profit $219 since the rest went to adspend. By optimizing the campaign, we were able to sell that same $297 product for only $5.81 of adspend on Facebook. That means that for the same amount of adspend used to sell one product, we can now sell nearly 12x that amount WITHOUT increasing the adspend. 

Case Study #3

Client had 198 Instagram followers when we took over their acount. In just one month, they were able to gain 2,734 followers!

What Our Clients Have to Say: 
Case Study #4
Black Friday Promo Results.jpeg

The client wanted to run a 20% off promotion for a week. $340.47 was spent and $2,447.10 was generated in revenue! 

What Our Clients Have to Say: 

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